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This coaching system helps overwhelmed, exhausted women get still, notice mindsets and shift them if necessary, tune into what they need, set goals, and achieve a peaceful, fulfilling life.

Phase 1 Understand Your Mindset: what it is, how culture influences it, and how they align (or don't!) with your values.

Phase 2   Visualize a Fulfilling Life: you use your values and tools to recognize what you want to change.

Phase 3  Set Goals: you create a goal that is aligned with your values, outcome focused, and SMART. 

Phase 4 Take Action: as you take steps towards your goal I will support you and help you reflect on successes and opportunities to grow.


This 1:1, eight session system provides a supportive setting and tools to make your life what you want and need it to be. 

Stillness is an Action

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