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Thank you for stopping by! I am a life-long learner and teacher who is always trying to be the best person I can be so that I can serve others. I would be honored to walk with you on your journey as you create your best life. I believe we have all the wisdom we need for this journey within us...we just need to learn how to get still, listen, and tap into what we know deep inside. And that's what we will do together...I will support you as you learn to listen to your wisdom and make positive changes in your life!

All About Sue

I grew up in Milwaukee, attended an all-girl high school (which planted so many seeds for future development), and went to college for elementary education. I left college with my degree and a relationship with my now husband of 30+ years. I began my career teaching, with it being happily interrupted by the birth of our children. After our second child  made an especially exciting entry to the world, I decided to stay at home for a few years. I enjoyed those years filled with zoo trips, story time at the library, playing at the park, make-believing, potty training...and lots of tantruming. In fact, that period opened my eyes to the amazing world of early childhood education. When our second child went to 4K, so did a 4K teacher assistant! Within a few years I went back to school for my Early Childhood license and taught 5K for the remainder of my teaching career. 

I always thought I'd be a traditional teacher for life, but I began to feel some tugs towards other callings. In a pivotal moment at 2:30 am on September 20, 2016, I knew without a doubt I needed to shift gears. I resigned at the end of that school year. And I HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WOULD DO NEXT! But I trusted what I was feeling and went for it. I landed in the world of staffing for a year,  and learned I do not thrive in a quota-driven environment. I was open to new opportunities, and a chance to work with adults with disabilities came along. I loved helping people reach their goal of working in the community. I grew and was promoted to a leadership position that challenged me to grow on many levels.

In 2020 I found myself doing some deep dives into myself while being temporarily furloughed due to Covid-19. I discovered podcasts and reflected on them in my journals. I read lots of books. I had virtual coffee/wine with friends and we discussed issues. I did some soul-searching on myself, my relationships, religion, spirituality, racism, gender, systems...let's just say it stretched me and it changed me inside. For the best. I got language around things I had known in my gut, but didn't know how to express with my words.

And I wanted to be able to share this. That's when life coaching made itself known to me. I knew deep down this is what I was supposed to be doing. I enrolled in a certification program, was mentored by some amazing people, and received my certificate in 2021.

I am so excited to be venturing full-time into mindset and spiritual coaching! I have no idea where the future will lead, but I know I am doing what I am supposed to do. And I'm honored walk with you!

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