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Providing Personal and Group Growth

Wisdom Within - Because You Know

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Signature Program
Your Way to a Peaceful, Fulfilling Life

This coaching system helps busy, tired people get still, notice and mindsets and shift them if necessary, tune into what they need, set goals, and achieve a peaceful, fulfilling life.

Phase 1 Understand Your Mindset: what it is, how culture influences it, and how they align (or don't!) with your values.

Phase 2   Visualize a Fulfilling Life: you use your values and tools to recognize what you want to change.

Phase 3  Set Goals: you create a goal that is aligned with your values, outcome focused, and SMART. 

Phase 4 Take Action: as you take steps towards your goal I will support you and help you reflect on successes and opportunities to grow.

This eight session system provides a supportive setting and tools to make your life what you want and need it to be. 


Contact me for a complimentary Discovery Session and to learn more. 


Maintenance Program   BALANCED LIFE

Your Way to Maintaining a Peaceful, Fulfilling Life

This year-long coaching program is based on your needs!

You choose the frequency with which we meet: monthly or every third week. 

You choose the topic and goal of each session. 

I provide powerful questions and tools you need to take action in your life.

Contact me for a complimentary Discovery Session to learn more.

Rock Balancing
Reading Outside

Moment for Me
Life in Balance AND Stop in the Name of Love

I designed these two Moments for Me especially with teachers and parents in mind! As a 24-year classroom teacher, I know how important it is to press pause on busyness and take some time for yourself! Come learn about the power of breath and rest, the difference between high perfomance and perfectionism, how to set boundaries, and how to delegate...even to your students/children! You will leave each session with lots of tools!

There will be a talk/discussion and Me Time for processing and reflection. Please bring what will help you best facilitate Me Time: journal, ear buds, walking shoes, yoga mat, etc. Questions?  

See a variety of dates and locations below and read the infographic for all the details!

       Life in Balance                                   Stop in the Name of Love

       June 11 & July 30, 9-11am               June 13 & July 31, 9-11am

        Community Room, 1st                         Community Room, 1st                         Congregational, Genesse                   Congregational, Genesse




        June 17, 1-3pm                                  June 19, 1-3pm

        Greendale Community Church                 Greendale Community Church

Book Club

Books are a great way to support your coaching and personal growth!


Allow yourself to be wowed by all that books have to offer!

Do you have a group that would like a leader to help you get the most out of books?

I have designed book clubs for:

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Atlas of the Heart by  Brene Brown

The Time is Now by Joan Chittister

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers

The Wisdom of Your Body by Hillary McBride


I email guides for each meeting, to help you prepare and to direct our time together, and lead each meeting. 

Email today for information!

Discussing Books

Group Coaching
Growing Questions

This group coaching program helps you choose growth/learner mindset and use questions, on both yourselves and others, to navigate through tough situations and respond from a place of curiosity and understanding.        


Over the course of eight weeks, you will watch a weekly 5 minute video that sets the tone for our next group coaching session. During the weekly group session you will be coached on that week's topic and receive tools to experiment with in your life for the homeplay... not homework because you will approach the tools with curiosity and have fun seeing the positive effects.      


At the end of the program you will be able to approach difficult                      situations with more calm and clarity.                                    

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