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Nothing New - Mindset Matters

In my Signature Coaching program, Stillness is an Action, the first phase has my clients focusing on mindset. Mindset is the established set of attitudes of a person or group concerning culture, values, philosophy, frame of mind, outlook, and disposition. Science shows that we can be of a fixed mindset or growth mindset, the latter being healthier for our brains and our life. Our brains have this amazing ability to change through growth and reorganization throughout our entire lives! It’s called neuroplasticity; and every thought, decision, and experience affect our brain.

Think about that. If we have a fixed mindset and tend to be negative, our brain gets more set. But if we try new things and try to be more positive, our brain grows and shifts accordingly. Our mind, our thoughts, control our body; and our brain is part of our body! What we say and do is based on what we’ve already built into our minds.

We all have choices in life; we decide how we respond to everything. We can choose to renew, be open, and begin again with our mind. Our choices become signals that change our brains and bodies; our genes don’t solely cause the changes. We can use our thoughts to switch on the positive or the negative…either way changing the physical substance of our brain!

That’s why we begin with mindset in my coaching program. All of this is nothing new; we’ve been observing the power of our thoughts since the dawn of time – now we just have scientific evidence. Next time I’ll share some examples of the effects of mindset on your life.

What do you think of all this? Drop a comment!

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