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Monday Musing - Practicing Gratitude has Benefits!

Last Monday we talked about how gratitude is a practice-something we do-and how it impacts the brain in several positive ways. Today we’ll dive into some of the physical, mental/emotional/spiritual, social, and professional benefits of practicing gratitude regularly.

Remember, practice is the ongoing doing, not just thinking. According to and

Physical benefits of practicing gratitude include:

o Improved sleep – gratitude drives negative thoughts away, so you’re more peaceful

o Lowers high blood pressure – because you’re more positive, you make more healthy food and lifestyle choices, like exercising more

o Prevent overeating – because you’re focusing on what you have, rather than what you’re craving

o Strengthens the immune system – which pairs with sleep

o Helps keep glucose levels in check

o Helps people with heart illness – reduces inflammation markers

Mental/emotional/spiritual benefits of practicing gratitude include:

o Boosts self-confidence

o Improves patience and resiliency

o Reduces envy and jealousy; makes you less materialistic

o Makes you more optimistic

o Helps those with depression and those recovering from addiction

o Helps manage grief

o Contributes to happiness

Social benefits of practicing gratitude include:

o Strengthens relationships – family, romantic, and friends

o Fosters a robust and healthy social circle – because you attract people with similar mindset

Professional benefits of practicing gratitude include:

o Improves retention – because employees feel appreciated by their boss

o Enhances productivity - because employees are more motivated because they feel their work is appreciated

o Enhances relationships among employees

o Improves decision-making skills – because it improves patience and therefore allows you to be more logical

o Helps you feel more fulfilled

That's a lot of reasons to practice gratitude!

What benefit do you experience the most when practicing gratitude?

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