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Nothing New - Values Matter

Several of my current clients have been focused on identifying their main values so that as they begin to visualize the life they want, they make sure it is aligned with their values. Values are what a person judges as important in life; every person is unique and will have their own sets of values. When our actions in life don’t align with our values, we can feel tension, overwhelm, sadness, shame, disconnection, hopelessness…lots of the “yuck” feelings we tend to not enjoy. And this is a great signal for us to stop, reflect, and make changes in our lives.

Why wouldn’t we save ourselves the yuck and just live according to our values?!  Well, sometimes living according to our values is challenging. It may mean having a tough conversation; doing something outside of our comfort zone; breaking a “rule” that no longer serves our well-being; make us take our share of the responsibility; facing our emotions; coming face to face with someone who challenges us. You get the idea.

We did a visualization exercise that encouraged my clients to really feel, physically and emotionally, the effects of living a life aligned with their values. It was a powerful experience that contributed to the next phase of the program, setting a goal.

Here are some testimonials a couple of my clients shared about this phase of the STILLNESS IS AN ACTION – Your Way to a Peaceful, Fulfilling Life:

“The most beneficial part for me was the visualization when we talked about moving from the shore…”

“I had a panic attack trigger…I was able to use the breathing techniques and continue my job.”

“The most useful strategy was to find my values and why they are important to me… Those really helped at this phase of life.”

“I really  like how the one phase completes the other.”

We know that living according to values greatly impacts our lives; it’s nothing new. Yet so many of us ignore this fact and keep going without reflection on the ripple effects in our lives and all those we love when we choose to ignore our values and go with what “they” (whoever that is! 😉) say.

Are you ready to make some changes? Let’s connect!

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