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Nothing New - The Tale of the Two Me's

Last time we talked about fixed versus growth mindset and I promised an example of each. And I had to look no further than myself!

Thirty-five years ago I definitely had a fairly fixed mindset when it came to certain aspects of values (especially around religion and social matters). I was brought up in a very traditional, Catholic home and never questioned anything. I just believed and did as I was told by those in authority without thinking. I wasn’t allowed to watch TV shows that my classmates were all watching. I never did a backwards somersault or cartwheel “because you might break your neck.” I often had thoughts of “I’m not good enough to…” or “Why bother…” when it came to things like extra-curricular activities.  It wasn’t until later in high school and college that I began to get glimpses into the effect that this was having on me. And it wasn’t until my late 20’s and into my 30’s that I began to seriously reflect on some of my choices, why they happened, and make active decisions to behave differently.

With the support of my spiritual coach, I grew to understand that curiosity and questioning wasn’t disrespectful…it was necessary to live fully as the person I’m intended to be. I began to develop a growth mindset. And, oh the difference it made! Looking at my own children, I can see that the work I did impacted them positively. We always grow and change as parents, but holy cow, I was a much better parent to them as time went on because I had a growth mindset, which allowed me to let go and support them to do the same.

I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t embrace a growth mindset. It’s not always easy. I’ve developed an awareness over the years that meditation and prayer and journaling supports so that I keep on the right track.

This is nothing new; people have been grappling with this since the beginning of time. The language around it may have changed, but it’s always been there.

What kind of mindset do you have? Leave a comment!

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