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Nothing New - Taking Action!

Making that decision, setting that goal, taking that first step…it takes courage. And vulnerability. And wisdom. And grace. And pride. And…well,  it just takes so very much! This is nothing new; people have always grappled with this as they embrace forward movement in their lives.

And that is why working with the support of a life coach is so beneficial! My clients who enroll in Stillness is an Action have my support in three major ways: through powerful questions in coaching sessions, active listening, and practical tools they can use in their lives. I’m with them every step of the way: as they learn to get still and observe mindsets; as they explore values and how they’d like to live, as they set a goal, and as they take action.

The fourth, and final, phase of Stillness is an Action is Take Action! This is when our coaching sessions focus on reflecting on progress and challenges as the client works towards their goal. We make sure they are in a growth/learner mindset. We make sure there is nothing else they need to release. We  get real about those “gremlins” rearing their heads and figure out how they can overcome them.  We  make sure they are living according to their values. And if the client thinks the goal needs to be tweaked, we’ll do it.

By the time clients have journeyed the entire program, they can see the positive impact on their lives. They can feel a shift from exhausted and overwhelmed towards more peace and fulfillment.

 It wasn’t a straight path from point A to point B. Of course, that’s nothing new. It’s to be expected because the lived human experience is a complex one!

Here’s what some clients have said:

“I love how practical the program was with handouts and materials to get deeper into the topic.”

“This program helps you know yourself better and be able to narrow down your values and goals.”

[Before this program] “I struggled with connecting my values with my goals.”

[The most useable strategy I gained from Stillness is an Action is] “acceptance as a non-judgmental approach to make real changes in life."

“Sue is a great mentor, she makes sure you get all questions answered and allows time for reflection.”

“The program is well thought out and I really felt guided throughout the process.”

“I would absolutely recommend this program!”

If you feel a little nudge; if that voice in you head is wondering if this is for you…give yourself the gift of learning more about life coaching.

I offer a complimentary Discovery Session where we will explore what you need, what I offer, and see if we’d be a good fit.

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