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Nothing New - Owning Our Mindsets

I’m working with some clients who recently completed the first phase of my Signature Program STILLNESS IS AN ACTION – Your Way to a Peaceful, Fulfilling Life. As I discussed with them, “finishing” a phase isn’t like checking a box and moving on. Rather it’s more like at this point they’ve laid their foundation: they now know their mindsets and let go of ones that no longer served them. 

And it was difficult. We’re surrounded by messages telling us to strive for more; we’re held in high regard if we have overflowing schedules; our culture has us buying into scarcity mindsets. None of these ways of thinking allows us to evolve into the people we’re meant to be.

My clients tried tools I offered them, from breathing exercises to visuals to hang where they’ll see them to mediations to worksheets and journaling tools to help them get still so they could truly become aware of how their habitual attitudes affect their lives. And I challenged them with powerful questions in our sessions together and supported their efforts, victories, and opportunities for growth.

Here are two of their testimonials:

“I learned to observe my emotions without judgement. Just noticing. The useful tools improved mindsets and connection with myself and others around me.” -EG

The most useful strategy for me was to “create empty time, so I can use it to prioritize.” -BA

And now these clients are moving on to the second phase: visualization. They will continue to be aware of their mindsets because they so strongly influence how we interpret and respond to everything in our lives. As they evolve because of their life experiences, so too may some of their mindsets.

We know that how we think influences our lives; it’s nothing new. Yet so many of us ignore this fact and keep going without reflection on its ripple effects in our lives and all those we love.

Are you ready to make some changes? Let’s connect!

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