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Nothing New - I Should Really Talk to Someone

Have you ever found yourself thinking any (or all?!) of these things: How do people get through situations like this? Is there more to this situation than I am seeing? I have no clue what I want to do about (insert: job/career choice, a situation, etc.). My mind is always racing from one thing to the next. I can’t get a clear, cohesive thought! I don’t even know what goals I have in life. I can’t do (insert your personal “can’t”) because (insert your belief or assumption).

Yes, you have? Congratulations! You are officially human! 😊

Since the dawn of civilization, people have tried to communicate with each other. Before written language people told stories and parables. More than 3,500 years ago, “healing through words” appeared in ancient Egyptian and Greek writing. Chaucer used the word “counseling” in 1386. And by the late 1800’s the word “psychotherapy” was coined. So this concept of talking to someone is nothing new.

During this journey of life we come to seasons that are challenging, times that leave us feeling down. Or maybe we’re sensing more anxiety than is usual for us. Perhaps we’re just feeling off. Whatever it is, it is normal to experience this in life. By learning about ourselves, becoming aware of what our typical patterns, actions, and responses to life are, we can get a sense of when we might need to talk to someone.

Hint: if you have the thought, “Maybe I should talk to someone…🤔”, listen to that wisdom from within.

We all know how just speaking aloud a feeling or issue can help us feel better. Just getting it out in the open helps loosen the grip it has on us. Sometimes a venting session with a friend is exactly what we need: it opens a conversation that helps to relieve stress and encourages us to consider options. Sometimes a more in-depth talk is necessary. You need to find someone you can trust and who will give you the help you need. Talking with other people can help break an issue into smaller parts, making it easier for you to see both different perspectives and possible solutions. Plus, it has the invaluable effect of realizing we’re not alone.

So how do you know when it’s time to reach out to someone other than a friend? If you suspect any mental illness (anxiety, depression, mental/mood disorders, eating disorders, etc.) it’s time to reach out to a professional. If you’re feeling stuck, if you’re not motivated, if you’re in transition, you could reach out to someone. There comes a time in every life when you would benefit from the objective listening ear of someone outside of your personal friendship circle.

So that’s your homework for the week. 😉 Consider where you are right now. Is the support of friends sufficient to meet your current needs? Or do you feel a nudge to talk to someone else? Think about it. Next week we’ll illustrate how therapy and coaching are both helpful and different in their approach.

Need to talk to someone sooner? Let’s set up a free Discovery Session!

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