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Nothing New - Good Communication is Vital

I got this little gem in Vancouver, BC, Canada. My husband and I spent a weekend exploring there with our daughter and her boyfriend on a recent trip to the PNW. And if you know me, you know I love rocks (see my Nothing New from 2.21.24 titled Life Can Be a Balancing Act)! Inukshuks, like cairns for the ancient Norse, guided travelers, signaling safe passage to the Inuit people.


Communication, a critical skill, was key to survival for the Inuit, just as it is for us today. Listening and speaking are essential components. Ignoring the inukshuk's guidance could prove fatal, underscoring the importance of heeding others' insights in our current global climate.


In a world where effective communication is paramount, how do you convey that you are a safe space for others to connect and share? Let's strive to listen, speak, and understand, fostering peace and unity in our communities.


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