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Nothing New - Coaching 101

Twenty-seven years ago I was a young mom-to-be getting involved in a ministry that was just beginning at the church I attended at the time. The ministry focused on supporting women in child-bearing years. We supported women struggling with infertility; women frustrated and then joyful in the adoption process; women who were pregnant; women who were on bedrest during pregnancy; women who experienced the loss and grief of miscarriage, stillbirth, and SIDS; women (and their families) who experienced the birth of multiples. You get the picture: we supported women in all the ups and downs of the child-bearing years. I chose to get heavily involved, and one of the sage women leading the ministry suggested that I start talking to someone who could support my own growth as I was supporting so many others.

And that began my relationship with my spiritual coach, who I still see every month. The ministry has long since ceased to exist; I went back to work full time after my kids were both in school. But my need to talk to someone on a regular basis, someone who can hold a mirror up to me; someone who can hold me accountable…well it has been crucial in my life’s journey.

Last week I wrote about the importance of talking to others about our feelings. We are fortunate to live at a time when seeking support from people outside of our friend circle is becoming more accepted, more accessible, and more affordable. A question I get asked frequently is, “How is a life coach different than a therapist?” What it boils down to is this: therapists look to the past to see how you got to where you are and then help you learn how to get to the next steps. Coaching can be therapeutic, but it is not therapy. A Life Coach cannot diagnose like a therapist. Life coaches look at where you are and help you move ahead.

Let’s dig deeper into Life Coaching. Think about a good athletic coach. They both observe and listen to their player. They question their player to bring out the best. They are positive, goal-oriented, patient, respectful, enthusiastic, and great at communicating. These are all qualities of a skilled Life Coach as well. A Life Coach focuses on what is happening now, what the person wants to happen, and bridging that gap.

I enjoy helping people see their strengths, hear their wisdom, and supporting them with tools to help them lead the life they desire. I begin with a complimentary Discovery Session. In the first coaching session we set the stage for authentic learning, discuss your goals, and give you some action steps to focus on until our next session. Coaching with me can be done on its own or as you are also seeing a therapist. Since significant growth takes time and consistency, I suggest beginning with weekly coaching for 12 sessions. People often then choose to see me monthly to stay on top of life’s challenges and growth opportunities. Some people find 3 months is all that they need. Some people come back on a regular basis when the need arises.

People have been coaching and being coached in an assortment of ways throughout time. Terms and format may vary, but the essence of what is happening and what is gained remains constant. Every person needs perspective and support from a neutral sounding board at different times throughout their lives.

Is this one of those seasons for you? Contact me for a free Discovery session!

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