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Nothing New - A Change in the Game Plan

Have you ever had something cause disruption in your life plan? Something that happens that is out of your control; it feel like it’s done to you? 

I began my coaching business full time in 2023. Except I really didn’t. My mom had a plethora of health issues that year. We’re still dealing with many of them, but 2023 was full of doctors, specialists, hospitalizations,  surgeries, therapies, and moving her from her independent living apartment to assisted living just to get things into some degree of settledness. My brother even packed up his life in the Twin Cities and moved back home to help me. To add to my plate, my mother-in-law fell and broke her pelvis in late summer. So after a stint in the hospital and rehab, the family had to move her to a memory care facility. And clean out and sell her house of 35 years. Frankly, lots of 2023 sucked!

Also, 2023 provided plenty of opportunities for me to grow: personally, professionally, and spiritually. I was so excited to begin 2024 and really birth my business!

And I’ve been super-creative,  developing coaching programs and Moment for Me’s. I’m ready to support overwhelmed and exhausted women and guide them to get still, listen to their inner wisdom, and make choices that align with their values so they can lead more peaceful and fulfilling lives.

But very few people are signing up for my events or coaching programs. In Falling Upwards Richard Rohr says a constant theme through patterns in nature, laws of science, and legends and literature is that “the way up is the way down. Or, if you prefer, the way down is the way up.”  In other words, and this is nothing new, we will experience failure or suffering in our human experience. It's not if we will experience it, but when. What will we do with it?

The message to me from many sources is loud and clear: what I want to do with my life coaching business is needed in our world. So I will keep going.

Now you may find me sitting on my closet floor, seeking quiet, to record some of my Moment for Me’s. Perhaps all of you overwhelmed and exhausted women would like to work on what I share in the privacy of your home and on your own time. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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