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Monday Musing - Waiting Is Good for Us...Really!

I’ve had to wait for many things in my life; and some I’m still waiting for. For example, I had to wait five years to get pregnant. When we’re in the midst of some periods of waiting it can seem so loonnngggg, so frustrating, and definitely not fun! AND as I look back, I can see the good that came from the waiting. Here’s what I’ve come to see as some of the benefits of waiting.

Waiting gives me time to slow down. I’ve been talking a lot about slowing down and resting in my recent Moments for Me. When we slow down, we can be in tune to God/our inner wisdom/our gut…whatever name you have. We need to be still to really hear it.

When waiting makes me slow down, I’m more aware. I can be more present in each moment and really tune into my life with all my senses.

And sometimes this awareness makes me realize I may not really want/need what I thought I did. Sometimes in the waiting I’ve realized that if I hadn’t had to wait, I wouldn’t have been ready for it. Waiting gives me time to grow emotionally and spiritually.

Waiting gives me time to prepare. Since we’re always evolving, the extra time spent waiting for what we think we want, need, etc. gives us more experiences to help us be better prepared for the next thing.

Next up…how to flex that patience muscle!

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