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Monday Musing - Flexing that Patience Muscle

We’re so deep in our dopamine hits from technology that we’ve forgotten how to be patient. Here are some things that I do to help practice patience:

Flip it! Remember the Devo song “Whip It?” (I’m really dating myself – haha!) Instead of “Whip it good” try to “Flip it good!” Flip your perspective; reframe the situation to see positive in the waiting. For example, when you’re stuck in traffic instead of freaking out about being late, realize it’s out of your control and look at it as a chance to listen to more of your podcast or music.

Be grateful. Often when I “flip it” I find myself thankful for some gift I found in the waiting.

Realize it’s okay to feel uncomfortable. Western culture has made it unthinkable to be uncomfortable. By using some self-control and willpower we can learn to wait more easily.

Breathe! Taking some deep, slow breaths and mindfully looking at our thoughts and emotions goes a long way in helping become more patient.

Rest – early and often. When we’re depleted physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually it makes it more difficult to demonstrate patience. Make sure to prioritize and protect some empty time every day.

Please share your patience tips so we can all learn from each other!

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